Quick Sketches

This is the prologue for the project I made during Jama Jurabaev's "Concept art for movies" course. The story takes place in a post apocalyptic settlement that lays in the foothills ​of a gigantic damb, which is built to store precious water. In this time of despair and grief, a new religion arises — people believe that water is sent from above, and they have to obey orders of the Priests in order to get god's blessing.
It lasts until a peasant boy finds a way to the water source behind Priest’s backs. Although he doesn’t want to share his discovery, others still find out, which results in a rebellion and destruction of the damb. In the end, a ruthless stream washes away all those people with their houses.

The goal of this preliminary stage was to explore the setting and come up with a gripping story, which could be expanded and transformed into a believable cinematic world.